MySpace Visualizer Demo

Mapping Social Networks

Generate animated clickable maps of connected friends from MySpace . Simply enter the URL of a MySpace website with a public profile to start mapping.

This online demo is limited to 75 connected friends, if you would like to see more and have extra functionality like search, why not:

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To work this online demo needs Java 6 to be installed and enabled.
This tool requires Java 6 to be installed.

Add Friend Image Add Lococitato as a MySpace Friend Add Friend Image


Move your mouse over the points to see a popup summary of that page. The popup will include a picture from the MySpace page and a clickable link to open that page in your browser.

You can also click on the points to open the relevant page.

Or try dragging the points around.

To zoom in or out use the mouse wheel or hold the right mouse button down and move the mouse up and down, or use the zoom slider in the top right. To pan hold the left mouse button down and drag or use the arrows buttons in the top right.
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